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Knitting Poppies 2018

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P4-7 pupils are knitting poppies to form a display marking the 100 years since the end of the First World War.

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WW1 Knitting Poppies

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Children from P4-7 attended several knitting sessions to learn the basic skills of casting on, knitting plain and purl stitches. Some of them also tried their hand at sewing on buttons. With the assistance of members of the Womens Rural Group they knitted enough poppies to create a wonderful display of a Poppy War Horse. This was displayed in the village and also in Blairgowrie where it received some favourable comments. Just a wee note of appreciation for the loan of your wonderful poppy representation of a Great War horse. It was a lovely reminder of the role that horses played and no doubt your pupils enjoyed its creation and it helped them understand their place in that dreadful conflict 100 years ago.

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P1/7 Horsecross Drama Performance

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The P1/7 went to Perth Theatre to perform their drama performance through Perth Youth Theater Rural Showcase

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Ben Vrackie Sponsored Hike

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On 11th May 2019 the school took part in a sponsored hike up Ben Vrackie

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Strider Comes To Town

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The School had a visit from The One The Only Strider

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World Book Day March 2019

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The children dressed up as a favourite book character for World Book Day.

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Scottish Morning February 2019

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A Scottish Morning of Poetry and Dancing was held in the Village Hall on 7th February 2019. The winners of the recent Scottish Poetry Competition recited their poems to the audience of pupils, staff and parents and visitors.

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End of Year Celebration

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We had a end of year celebration with silly string, splat the rat, tug o war and a fire engine visit. We also had, throw a wet sponge at Mr Loudon, bouncy castle and tin can ally. At the end there was a pooh stick race.

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Whole School Planet Picnic May 2018

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Our one planet picnic was something to try to get our eco flag back. To help the environment we walked there rather than driving in a mini bus and we had to make at least one of the things in our packed lunch sustainable.

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Sports Day May 2018

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The whole school had a sports day to win medals at the end of term. At the end we had ice-creams and juice. Even the parents raced (a lot of cheating involved ). Children's races included sack race, cho cho race and the flat race.

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Whole School Gardening Day May 2018

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All the children and staff and Mary's Mum spent the afternoon cutting back bushes, clearing shrub areas, replanting, tidying up planted areas and re-planting lots of containers.

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Snowy Pictures Feb 2018

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Photographs of our snowy playground.

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Ski-ing at Glenshee February 2018

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Primary 4 and 5 enjoyed 2 days ski-ing at Glenshee this month. Weather was changeable but all the children worked very hard to improve their ski-ing skills.

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Scottish Morning 2018

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Scottish Morning was held Wednesday 7th of February 2018

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Christmas Nativity 2018 - Bethlehem The Musical

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This year's Christmas Nativity was called Bethlehem The Musical with plenty of singing and dancing as well as acting.

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Christmas Fayre December 2017

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Showing some of the wonderful crafts that were on sale at the Christmas Fayre. Also a photo of the Silly String Battle!

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Visit from Scott Cameron, Scottish International Cricket Team

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The whole school received a visit from Scott Cameron, Scottish International Cricket. P3-7 were lucky enough to have a special game of cricket out on the Bannerfield.

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Back to school

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Classroom pictures of the children settling back into their classrooms and playground on the first day of term.

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PTA End of Year Celebration and BBQ

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The PTA held a fundraising celebration with stalls and BBQ to mark the end of the school year.

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Inter-House Tug of War

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The four Houses took part in a Tug of War competition where each House competed against each other in a "best of three" challenge.

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Hunter Cup June 2017

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Four Houses competed against each other in a variety of different potted sports to compete for the Hunter Cup.

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Whole School Visit to Kindrogan Outdoor Centre June 2017

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On Monday 19th June P1-7 walked to Kindrogan which was a distance of 2 1/4 miles. P4-7 took part in various different activities on-site, whilst P1-3 went pond dipping. P4-7 and 4 brave P3s walked all the way back to the school. P1-3 rested their feet by being transported back to the school by minibus.

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WOW Award Presentation May 2017

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Amber Hood P6 was successful in a national competition to design one of this year's WOW Badges. Her winning entry is featured on June 2017's badge and on the 26th May Mr John Swinney, Minister for Education, came along to present Amber with her award. There then followed a photo shoot at Balnabroich Farm, Pitcarmick as her badge featured a highland cow.

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Micro Fitness May 2017

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A visit from Micro Fitness from Glasgow during Health Week involved the whole school in various different fun activities.

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Sports Day 2017

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Photos of Sports Day 2017

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Scottish Morning Jan 2017

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Christmas Nativity Performance 2016

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Kirkmichael Primary brought to you, live on stage....Stable Manners!

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