Sewing Club

Last term the Sewing Club looked at different kinds of fabric. We have been discussing what they felt like, and what we could use them for.  We also talked about recognising the right and wrong side of the fabric, along with suitable fabrics that did not fray.It was important to set some rules about sewing in relation to safety of needles, and learning that each child would be allowed to progress at their own pace. Each group will be working on different projects with the end product to take home with them.The Sewing Club received many donations from parents in the form of materials (including felt which we have now used up!), needles, pins, ribbons, buttons etc.  Many thanks from us to all who make donations!

Click on the link for patterns and instructions.


Bean Bag Chickens

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P3,4 are make a bean bag chickens

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Sewing Club - Christmas Placemats

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Sewing club - Your Little Friend

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We are making are own little friends out of material, buttons and thread

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