Rights Respecting Bronze Award

The Citizenship Committee have been working hard on obtaining the awards and they have achieved the Bronze Award! You can now see this logo on letters sent out by Mr Loudon or memebers of staff.

 "We have been looking at when a child's rights are listened to and ignored. We have made children's rights posters; the posters display the rights around the school. We have also been looking at the wants and needs of the child. The needs of the child are included in the children's charter. 

We are trying to reach our Rights Respecting Silver Award and to do so we have a plan. This plan includes having a bake sale with the local community to promote children's rights, having an assembly to get the rest of the school involved with the cause, the classes making class charters related to children's rights, and our group fund raising for global issues. 

“I enjoyed sharing our knowledge with the school”- Oliver 

“I've been interested In looking at rights”- Isobel 

“Children’s rights keep children happy and safe”- Noah"