Healthy Snacks

The children of Kirkmichael Primary School have come up with and agreed to the following rules for snacks;

  • You should always try to eat fruit and veg. 
  • You should always try to eat a snack for energy. 
  • You should never share snacks with others. 

Fruit and Veg Snacks        

All our pupils are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or a vegetable for snack. We cannot tell children not to bring in crisps/chocolate and sweets, we can only advise, encourage and educate. They can of course also bring something else as an additional treat if need be. We are emphasising that no snack is not a healthy option, as there is a long time between breakfast and lunch (approx 4-5 hours), and they need to refuel for energy. Some children have breakfast around 7.30am and don’t get lunch until after 1pm.

Each class has a monitor from each House and a sheet for recording healthy snacks. Healthy snacks are awarded with two house points but there is no punishment for an unhealthy snack and the monitors are trained not to judge or comment. It is for individuals to take responsibility for their own choices.

We have increasing levels of expectation put on us by the Government and local authority to support, encourage and educate our children about health and wellbeing, of which healthy eating is obviously a significant part. One of our 3 School Improvement priorities for next session is Health and Wellbeing and this approach to snacks forms part of that process.