Emergency School Closure Information

In times of severe weather conditions it may be necessary to close the school. The health and safety of pupils and staff are paramount at all times and no unreasonable risks will be taken.

It is essential that the Emergency Contact details for pupils are accurate and up to date. Please ensure that the school is notified of any changes.

Public announcements will be available from the following sources:

  • Radio Tay (used in all instances)
    Frequency AM 1161 and 1584
    Frequency FM 96.4 and 102.8
  • Radio Heartland FM(only used for widespread weather conditions)
    Frequency FM 97.5 and 106.6
  • Radio Central (only used for widespread weather conditions)
    Frequency FM 103.1
  • PKC Twitter and Facebook
  • Perth & Kinross Council Customer Service Centre Available from 0800 hours to 1800 hours, however this line may operate from 0700 hours in exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers should dial 01738 475000

School Transport

The Head Teacher will liaise directly with the transport companies to inform them of any school closure. Each bus driver will then contact the parents.

If your minibus driver decides that the road conditions are too bad to take the children to school, they will contact the school and then will phone to let you know - this does not necessarily mean that other buses are not operating or that the school is closed. You can take the decision to transport your child to school if you wish, however, please check before you leave that the school is open.  Please be aware that if your bus has not run in the morning, it will NOT bring pupils home, even if road conditions have improved.

If the school is to be closed during the day due to a deterioration of the weather, all parents/carers or emergency contacts will be notified of the situation. The school will not be closed until the last pupil has left.