P4/5 Photos

Below are photographs of trips and activities undertaken by the P4/5 class.

P4/7 Stanly Mills Trip

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The P4/7 went to Stanly Mills to learn intresting facts

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P4-5 Visit to Milfords Bentley

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Milford Vintage Engineering, Kirkmichael, had a visit from a vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley club. The P4 and P5 pupils went along to have a look at the beautiful vehicles parked outside the garage. Milfords are specialists in restoration and maintenance of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

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P4/5 Japan Topic

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This is the P4/5 topic pictures

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P4/7 Athlete Visit

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Grant Plenderleith a Brittish runner came to do activitys with the P4/7

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P4-5 Ski-ing at Glenshee January 2019

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Primary 4 and 5 3-day ski-ing instruction at Glenshee Ski Centre

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P4-7 Trip to Black Watch Museum Nov 2018

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The children from P4-7 attended 5 different workshops at the Black Watch Museum where they studied medals and artefacts, explored a trench and made clay poppies.

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WW1 Afternoon Tea Nov 2018

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P4-7 children invited their grandparents and senior members of the community to an afternoon tea party held in the school. The topic was World War 1 and the children shared their topic work as well as interviewed their visitors about their personal connection to people that had been affected by the Great War.

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P3-4 Tennis Tournament

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P3-4 Tennis Tournament 2018 at Blairgowrie community campus.

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P 2/3 football trip St Johnston

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P2/3 went to St Johnston football ground for a tour and some training.

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P3-4 Castle topic March 2018

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Here are some photos of the work that the P3-4s have been doing for their castles topic.

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P3/4 Ashintully Castle trip

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These are photos from the P3/4 trip to Ashintully and Whitefield Castle.

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P3-4 Visit to Glamis Castle

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As part of their Castles topic the P3-4 class have visited Glamis Castle. Spooky stories, fascinating facts and outdoor activities.

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P3-4 French Breakfast

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As part of their class topic "France" the Primary 3-4 class held Le petit déjeuner on Tuesday 19th September. Preparing invitations and menus the children invited their parents/carers/grandparents along for some Café au Lait, the, croissants, crepes, pommes à la grille à la brioche, brioche aux pépites de chocolat, served with beurre, confiture et miel. For les enfants there was jus d'orange, de pomme ou de cassis. A full café kept les élèves très occupé. Many excellent comments were left in the visitors book. Here are just some of them:- This morning's event run by the kids was excellent. I loved everything especially the kids French accents. C'était très bien. Merci pour le petit-déjeuner. C'était délicieux! Ooh La! La! Great service! Very enjoyable breakfast - Merci! Fantastique! Merci beaucoup! Lovely breakfast, thank you for the invite. Très bien et merci, very very lovely.

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Cateran Banner Sewing Workshop

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Leading up to the summer term the P4/5 class were visited by Deirdre Nelson who worked with the children on making a long banner depicting the Cateran Trail.

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P4-5 Archeology Visit to Glenshee June 2017

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The Primary 4-5 class visited the Archeology Dig at Glenshee to view the progress that has been made over the last few months. They were shown sites where there was evidence of long and round houses as well as different artefacts which revealed aspects of life during the Bronze and Iron Age.

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P4/5 Trip to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument March 2017

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As part of their William Wallace/Robert the Bruce topic the P4/5 class visited Stirling Castle then climbed the Wallace Monument.

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P4/5 Pitlochry Dam Visit March 2017

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In the Visitor Centre we visually made our own Wind Farm to create electricity and learned that it needs strong winds, positioned on a hill and should have 2 propellors. Jemma. We watched a short video which showed when the dam was being built and the people that worked there. The workers used their hands and shovels and didn't wear protective helmets or boots. Sinead I learned that there was a fish ladder for the salmon because they couldn't go through the dam. Cameron

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Ski-ing at Glenshee February 2017

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P4/5 Ski-ing trip to Glenshee

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