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Cookery Club

Cookery club is run by Mrs Mitchell every week.   Click on the links below to see the recipes.


Cheese And Chutney Scones

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Created: 22 May 19 14:27 | Last modified: 22 May 19 14:29

Cheesy Bonfire Bread

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Created: 8 May 19 14:24 | Last modified: 22 May 19 14:18

P4-5 Minestrone Soup

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Primary 4 and 5 learned to make Minestrone Soup combining many skills such as peeling, safe knife work, dicing, and sauteing.

Created: 8 Mar 19 13:47 | Last modified: 15 Mar 19 14:32

P6-7 Vegetable Soup

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P6-7 used a variety of vegetables to make Vegetable Soup. They worked on peeling, safe knife work, chopping, dicing and sauteing.

Created: 8 Mar 19 13:54 | Last modified: 8 Mar 19 14:33

P1-3 Making Oatcakes

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Primary 1 - 3 are studying Scotland this term as their class topic. At Cookery Club they are learning how to make oatcakes using medium oatmeal.

Created: 18 Jan 19 16:29 | Last modified: 4 Feb 19 15:04

P1-3 Making Sandwiches

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The children were given a selection of ingredients to choose from to make their own sandwiches. Ingredients included ham, tuna, sweetcorn, lettuce, cheese, roast beef, cucumber, banana and cream cheese!

Created: 21 Nov 18 14:50 | Last modified: 5 Dec 18 14:57

Whole School Pizza Muffin Cookery

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The whole school was making mini muffin pizzas. We made 120 pizzas in total. The muffin was cut in half and we could then put on passata sauce, pineapple, ham, cheese, peppers , pepperoni, mozzarella and mushroom. The pizzas were then baked in the oven for 10 minutes.

Created: 31 May 18 18:20 | Last modified: 8 Jun 18 22:01

P5-7 Vegetable Crudities and Dips

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P5-7 made vegetable sticks and a selection of dips.

Created: 23 Mar 18 14:25 | Last modified: 28 Mar 18 13:26

Cookery Club, Apple and Banana Muffins

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P1/2 will be making Apple and Banana Muffins. They are learning to weigh, mix, pour and bake.

Created: 9 Feb 18 15:02 | Last modified: 23 Feb 18 14:07

Cookery Club-Date and apricot slices

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Primary 3-4 have been learning to bake date and apricot flapjack slices. These are things that are good to bring in as a healthy snack for break time.

Created: 19 Jan 18 14:53 | Last modified: 2 Feb 18 14:59

Jam Heart Tarts

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Created: 22 Feb 17 14:27 | Last modified: 13 Mar 17 10:07

Chinese Stir-Fried Noodles

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Created: 30 Jan 17 09:37 | Last modified: 22 Feb 17 14:24

Cheese Scones

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Created: 25 Jan 17 11:21 | Last modified: 25 Jan 17 11:23



Sewing Club

Last term the Sewing Club looked at different kinds of fabric. We have been discussing what they felt like, and what we could use them for.  We also talked about recognising the right and wrong side of the fabric, along with suitable fabrics that did not fray.

It was important to set some rules about sewing in relation to safety of needles, and learning that each child would be allowed to progress at their own pace. 

Each group will be working on different projects with the end product to take home with them.

The Sewing Club received many donations from parents in the form of materials (including felt which we have now used up!), needles, pins, ribbons, buttons etc.  Many thanks from us to all who make donations!

Knitting Club

Last term the P4-7 pupils have been making knitted poppies to form a display which marks 100 years since the end of the First World War.  The war lasted from the 28th July 1914 to the 11th November 1918.  The children were studying the First World War as their topic this term and have displayed their poppies in the village in November.

We are very grateful to the members of the Ladies Rural and Clicking Needles for agreeing to come along and help the children with their knitting.  A few of the children had some knitting experience but most of them will be learning the skill for the first time.