Anne Exley Award

Every year we run two workshop sessions held in the Kirkmichael Session House where the P6/7 class gets to create a piece of artwork.  Each year has a different theme and the end products are displayed as part of the Open Studios programme.  The public and the school are given the opportunity to vote for their favourites and the winners are given a special trophy donated by Mr Exley in memory of his wife Anne.  First, second and third place all receive vouchers for an art shop as well to purchase art materials.  Previous entries and winners are displayed in the picture gallery below....

Anne Exley Awardes 2019

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The Anne Exley Award was given to Jemma Smith 3rd, Adrian Pyne 2nd and Sinead Ormerod 1st. They recived the award from Bob Brawn our local councillor.

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Anne Exley Award Presentation Oct 2018

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The Anne Exley Award this year required the P6/7 pupils to re-create a fighter jet from the First World War. This year's winners are 1st Frederick Wood; 2nd Sebastian Goodman; 3rd Brodie Welsh.

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Anne Exley Award Sept 2017

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This year the task set to the P5-7 class was to make a Pictish Long House. They used catering size ice cream tubs and recycled food trays covering them with mud rock. Paint, material, twigs and moss were used to create the finished model. The winners this year were 1st Amber Hood, 2nd Logan Wilkinson, 3rd Freya Mullin.

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