School Admissions

For further information about admissions to the school and the nursery, please speak to the office in the first instance.  Feel free to pop in or contact us on 01250 871929.  Further information can be found on the Perth and Kinross Council website here.

Kirkmichael Primary School Handbook Part 1 - School Information - is available here.

Kirkmichael Primary School Handbook Part 2 - Authority Information - is available here.

If you wish to register a child you will need to bring in:

  • your child's birth certificate

  • your proof of address

  • School registration form (available from the school office or on the Council link above).

 Use the following link to check school catchment areas by address/postcode - Perth and Kinross Council - Check my catchment area information.

If you wish to register your child at a school outwith your catchment area you will need to complete a Placing Request form and return it to Perth & Kinross Council.  The Placing Request form and further information are available here or from any school office.